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Food Therapy/Nutrition

acupuncture delray beach, acupuncture wellington, acupuncture south florida, acupuncture boca ratonCombining acupuncture with a sound nutritional regimen can have significant health benefits on your body, including improved metabolism, weight loss and improved energy. We can create a plan that helps your body operate more efficiently and leads to better health choices. Harnessing traditional Chinese medicinal methods, we build a plan that starts at our office and continues beyond our doors – all aimed at building a better you. Our team will provide insightful knowledge and advice along with a customized program that works for you.




shutterstock_41977507Nutrition Testing

Practitioner Ashley Cowden, uses an assessment technique known as Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) to help best evaluate each individual and their body to find out their nutritional needs. Nutritional Response Testing is a form of muscle testing that is based upon principles of Applied Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With this technique we are able to take nutrition from the textbook to your body. Each body innately knows what it needs for optimal health and healing. Our job, is to tap into that knowledge and use it to our benefit. By using a muscle test, we are able to do just this. When we can assess food sensitivities, we are able to know if foods you are consuming on a regular basis could be impairing your healing process. Additionally, we are able to find out if any organs, systems or glands in the body are functioning suboptimally. With this knowledge, we are then able to make educated, tailored, and conscious decisions about what you need.


Many times people have the following experiences: they are doing all of the “right” things with diet and exercise, and are extremely frustrated by a lack of results. They know they aren’t feeling well, they know “something is just not right” but all of the bloodwork and medical exams show that everything is normal. On a daily basis, they feel stressed, anxious, fatigued, constipated, foggy, and drained; yet they have gotten so used to feeling this way, they do not realize greater well-being exists for them. Or, for others, they have cabinets full of synthetic supplements and are taking so many supplements they are not sure which are helping or hurting their system! In these scenarios especially, muscle testing is of great value as we are able to identify what is beneficial and what is depleting for the body. We are also able to determine subtle imbalances that are creating real symptoms. Such conditions include: gluten sensitivity, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal insufficiency, endocrine system weakness, immune system imbalance, digestive challenges and more. By utilizing this fine-tuning approach, we are able to identify and correct any imbalances and determine a precise plan for health. With this, we create a vital, healthy, and thriving system. It is when we feel well, that we are empowered to live well!


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