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Facial / Cosmetic Acupuncture

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What is facial /cosmetic acupuncture? 


Cosmetic facial acupuncture uses the traditional Chinese medicinal technique of placing fine needles in certain areas of the body to boost the flow of energy (chi or qi). When done on the face treatments can reduce signs of aging. You may hear it called facial acupuncture or even an acupuncture facelift.


Facial acupuncture needles help stimulate collagen and elastin, which helps skin look more youthful and firmer. They say you’ll see a reduction in existing wrinkles, a boost in firmness, and a smoother texture that can last for years. It can also help reduce puffiness, improve tone, and help with dark circles. 


For facial rejuvenation, the acupuncturist inserts thin needles into your face—a surprisingly painless process. The needles are typically left in the skin for 25 minutes. The idea is that they cause micro injuries, stimulating the healing process. During healing, collagen and elastin production kick into high gear. Facial/cosmetic acupuncture gives your skin a boost in blood flow and better circulation, which means a more radiant complexion. Cosmetic acupuncture requires additional education and training and should be administered by trained and certified physicians for best results.


Aside from the improved blood flow and plumping of facial tissue the treatment is combined with a constitutional selectin of body points to enhance the smooth and sequential flow of qi and blood throughout the body resulting in an overall reboot for your system.

Recommended therapeutic treatment is twice a week for five weeks. Most patients follow up with maintenance treatments two times a month.
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